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Search by name to find residential phone numbers and addresses listings in the United States.

Search Tips:

  • Enter a partial first name or leave the first name blank to expand your search.
  • If the last name is common, include the full first name or city, state to narrow your results.
  • Make sure city name is spelled correctly or enter zip code.
  • Use "include surrounding area" to broaden your search to include cities around the city/zip you entered.
  • Try searching by name and state if you are unable to find a match.
  • If the individual you are looking for is not found or has an unlisted or unpublished number, try searching other public records databases with Intelius.

Reverse Phone Search

Search by residential phone number to find name and address of the owner.

Search Tips:

  • Enter the full 10 digit number, including area code to find results.
  • Use Intelius to find cell phone, unlisted, and unpublished numbers.
Reverse Address Search

Search by address, city, and state to find name and phone number of the individual associated with that address.

Search Tips:

  • Try searching by street name if you are not able to find the exact address.
  • Since street names can be abbreviated, try search by house number, city, and state to get broader results.
  • If you are not finding results, try leaving the city blank and searching on a statewide bases.
  • If you are not able to locate the address you are looking for, use Intelius to find unlisted addresses.
Area & Zip Code Search
  • Search by city or state to find area codes or zip codes for that region.
  • Search by zip code to find cities or state.
  • Search by area code to see what cities or state it belongs to.
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